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== ToDos ==
== ToDos ==
* Consider patterns categories: co-op, communication
* Add [[Hanabi]] and [[The Mind]] to [[Communication Channels]]
* Add [[Hanabi]] and [[The Mind]] to [[Communication Channels]]
* Zugzwang
* Zugzwang

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Just a simple category to help keep track of which page Staffan Björk is working on.

Timed ToDos

After DiGRA 2019

  • check ultimate, imperative, and contingent goals (as tags perhaps?)

After CHI PLAY 2014

  • check CHI PLAY 2014 paper on categories of communication

After CHI 2015

  • Check for papers on Voice as Design Resource


for Grinding (via Christian Klinton)

for Levels

  • Dormans work on action-adventure games
  • Milam and Seif El Nasr
  • reference to Larsen's design patterns

Potential patterns



Gameplay Design Pattern Template, Shortened




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