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This is still a game stub. For information, see the Wikipedia entry for the game[1] and the entry at BoardGameGeek[2]. The game is also described in Parlett's The Oxford History of Board Games[3].

Blindfold, or Blind, Chess[4] is a version of Chess played either by not letting one or both players see the pieces or by not making use of any pieces at all. Chess Boxing is the Biathlon created by combining Chess with Boxing.



The lack of Randomness and possibility to think several moves ahead make Chess prone to Analysis Paralysis. In Tournament forms of the game Time Limits are typically added to individual moves or a players' total time, or both, to counter this. This also serves to help synchronize the different games within the tournament but also induces Time Pressure (which may make the games more interesting to Spectators).

Example Game Mode 1

Example Game Mode 2

Other Noteworthy Aspects





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