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== Relations ==
== Relations ==
To inject into: [[Narration Structures]]
=== Can Instantiate ===
=== Can Instantiate ===
[[Aim & Shoot]],  
[[Aim & Shoot]],  
[[Goal Points]],  
[[Goal Points]],  
[[Narration Structures]],

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Delivery consists of moving a certain game element to another specified game element or place within the game space.

Games which have goals consisting of moving one game element from one place to another may be complicated by only letting players be able to move the game element through the effect of other game elements. In these cases, the goals may be seen as making a Delivery of a game element by using other game elements.

This pattern is a still a stub.


Left 4 Dead series Assassin's Creed series

Football can be described as the task of delivering the ball into the other team's goal.

Capture the flag variants of first-person shooters such as the Quake series and Unreal Tournament series have the goal of gaining access of the other team's flag and carrying it to one's own capture point.



Using the pattern

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narration Aspects



Can Instantiate

Aim & Shoot, Goal Points, Narration Structures, Quests, Stealth, Traverse

with Artifact-Location Proximity

Player-Location Proximity

with Guard

Guide and Protect

with Indirect Control


Can Modulate

Artifact-Location Proximity, Trading

Can Be Instantiated By

Check Points, Gain Ownership, MacGuffins, Non-Player Characters

Can Be Modulated By

Evade, Overcome, Pick-Ups

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



An updated version of the pattern Delivery that was part of the original collection in the book Patterns in Game Design[1].


  1. Björk, S. & Holopainen, J. (2004) Patterns in Game Design. Charles River Media. ISBN1-58450-354-8.