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Game actions the result in new players being invited to join the game.

Some games allow, or may even need, players to arrive after specific game instances have started. While this can be handled informally by players and facilitators like game masters in many cases, the games themselves can provide Invites, game actions that allow players to try to recruit new players and possibly get in-game rewards for doing so.


FarmVille and Mafia Wars allow players to try and recruit new people to the game. By doing so they get other players that are likely to help them with the various tasks the games challenges them with.

Using the pattern

Extra-Game Event Broadcasting

Non-Player Help


Given that they are actions handled by the game system to add more players to game instances, the games that are to include Invites need to already support Late Arriving Players or Drop-In/Drop-Out gameplay.

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narrative Aspects



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Can Modulate

Drop-In/Drop-Out, Late Arriving Players

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