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=== Examples ===
=== Examples ===
[[Algorithmic Agents]]
[[Substitutional Algorithmic Agents]]
[[Proxy Players]]
[[Left 4 Dead series]]
[[AI Players]]
[[World of Warcraft]]
[[Ultima Online]]
== Using the pattern ==
== Using the pattern ==

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Algorithmic Agents that can take over the role of players from humans.

This pattern is still a stub.


Agents Avatars Algorithmic Agents Substitutional Algorithmic Agents Proxy Players Left 4 Dead series AI Players

World of Warcraft

Ultima Online

Using the pattern

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narrative Aspects



Can Instantiate

Can Modulate

Algorithmic Agents

Can Be Instantiated By

Can Be Modulated By

Possible Closure Effects

Potentially Conflicting With


A revised version of the pattern Mule that was part of the original collection in the book Patterns in Game Design[1].


  1. Björk, S. & Holopainen, J. (2004) Patterns in Game Design. Charles River Media. ISBN1-58450-354-8.


Karl-Petter Åkesson