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Resources in games that at least partly do not have physical locations.

Resources are a common component in many games. Those that are Non-Localized Resources have no spatial location in a game world.


The lives players have in Pac-Man and Asteroids are examples of Non-Localized Resources. Likewise, experience points in Roleplaying Games such as Dungeons & Dragons and the Fallout series may be characteristics of characters but have no or little connection to the locations of those characters are and are not located specifically in any part of them.

Using the pattern

While all Resources in games without Game Worlds by definition are Non-Localized Resources, it is mainly interesting to consider this pattern in contrasts to what exists in Game Worlds, so they pattern is rarely interesting to consider unless a game does in fact have a Game World. Non-Localized Resources exists in two variants, strong or weak. In the strong variant, all instances of the Resources are non-localized while in the weak only some instances - typically those acquired by players - are non-localized.

Typical examples of Resources that are candidates to be used as Non-Localized Resources include Ammunition, Health, Lives, Money, and Scores. While Pick-Ups may provide Resources they typically are not movable and can thereby be seen as a source for Non-Localized Resources without being these themselves. In games using Inventories, Non-Localized Resources can be applied to some parts of these so particular Resources are treated separately from the rest.


As its name indicates, Non-Localized Resources are Resources and they modify Game Worlds by their full or partial absence in these.


Game Worlds,

Can Instantiate


Can Modulate

Game Worlds, Inventories

Can Be Instantiated By

Ammunition, Health, Lives, Money, Scores

Can Be Modulated By


Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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