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== Using the pattern ==
== Using the pattern ==
[[Alternate Reality Gameplay]]
=== Diegetic Aspects ===
=== Diegetic Aspects ===
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== Relations ==
== Relations ==
=== Can Instantiate ===
=== Can Instantiate ===
[[Alternate Reality Gameplay]],
[[Real World Gameplay Spaces]],  
[[Real World Gameplay Spaces]],  

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Gameplay that can co-exist or be integrated with other activities.

The archetypical view of gaming activities are as being separated from other "ordinary" activities (which can be seen in the metaphor of the magic circle[1] that has been more extensively in later work of understanding games[2]). This is however not true of all games, in some cases because they can rather easily co-exist with other activities and in other cases because the game design makes "ordinary" activities into gameplay actions. Both types of game have Pervasive Gameplay.

For more information about Pervasive Gameplay, although based upon a slightly different usage of pervasive to define pervasive games, see Pervasive Games - Theory and Design[3]. Note also that while ubiquitous and pervasive are used as synonyms, the patterns Pervasive Gameplay and Ubiquitous Gameplay are defined to describe different aspects of gameplay in this collection.


Car Numberplate Games





Using the pattern

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narrative Aspects



Can Instantiate

Alternate Reality Gameplay, Real World Gameplay Spaces, Spectators

with ...

Can Modulate

Can Be Instantiated By

Ubiquitous Gameplay

Can Be Modulated By

Possible Closure Effects

Potentially Conflicting With


New pattern created in this wiki.


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