Secondary Interface Screens

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The one-sentence "definition" that should be in italics.

This pattern is a still a stub.




Using the pattern

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narration Aspects



Inventories or Character Sheets - note conflicts in Game Worlds, breaks Diegetic Consistency if creating Game Pauses

Geospatial Game Widgets, Game Items, Equipment, Transferable Items, Sockets,

Global High Score Lists, Naming, Improved Abilities, New Abilities, Replays,

Can Instantiate

Dialogues, Difficulty Levels, Inventories, Non-Diegetic Features, Strategic Planning

with Quick Travel

Illusion of Open Space

Can Modulate

Action Programming, Characters, Character Development, Characteristics, Clues, Companions, Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment, Equipment Slots, Free Gift Inventories, Gameplay Statistics, Game Element Trading, Game Worlds, Handicap Systems, High Score Lists, Interruptibility, Mules, Neighbors, Non-Player Characters, Parties, Player-Created Characters, Player-Planned Development Player Created Game Elements, Player Kicking, Private Game Spaces, Public Player Statistics, Purchasable Game Advantages, Quick Travel Save-Load Cycles, Sidequests, Spawning,

Can Be Instantiated By


Can Be Modulated By


Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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