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Immovable game elements that provide players with actions or resources.

Some actions are resources in games are localized to occur at specific points in game worlds. Bases are game elements that provide these and often can be modified, constructed, or destroyed as part of gameplay.


Bases exist in all Civilization series in the form of cities. Provinces in the Europa Universalis series can be seen as Bases as well, but this is a weaker example since these are entire regions of the game world.

Using the pattern

Bases are used in games to provide Resource Generators and Location-Fixed Abilities, quite often some which have to do with Area Control and Combat. Another use which builds upon these basic uses are to let players affect Choke Points, Strongholds and Strategic Locations in Game Worlds (in the case of Strategic Locations their Construction may create new Strategic Locations). Territories can be used instead of Bases in many cases, see for example how empty provinces can be colonized and owned ones can be improved in the Europa Universalis series, or a combination of both can be used.

The design choices related to Bases concern what Location-Fixed Abilities they should provide and if Construction of them is possible, and in that case what is required to do so. Bases typically have Characteristics related to their abilities. In this case they are, or are part of Abstract Player Constructs and can have Abstract Player Construct Development.

Diegetic Aspects

Bases is a since it typically represent some form of intentional Construction in Game Worlds.


Bases are complex Installations with Location-Fixed Abilities in Game Worlds. They are often also Resource Generators or Resource Locations or built where these exist, and in general create Strategic Locations unless these already existed where they were built. Creating one gives Ownership while existing ones provide Gain Ownership goals to players that don't own it. The building of Bases can signify Expansion phases while putting them to best use can signify Exploitation phases.

The existence of Bases, or ability to build such, are likely to affect any Laning phase present in a game.


Can Instantiate

Expansion, Exploitation, Installations, Location-Fixed Abilities, Ownership, Gain Ownership, Resource Generators, Resource Locations, Strategic Locations

Can Modulate

Choke Points, Game Worlds, Strategic Locations, Strongholds, Laning

Can Be Instantiated By


Can Be Modulated By

Abstract Player Constructs, Abstract Player Construct Development, Area Control, Characteristics, Combat, Construction

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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