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People that supervise and guide members of teams.

Many games have teams. Some of these have people whose role is to help the members of these teams with instructions on how to both play the games and in many cases train before the games. While such Coaches are in fact often members of these teams, they are a special case not only due to these responsibilities but also because they do not actually perform the gameplay actions other team members do.


Sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and Soccer all make use of Coaches. Bloodbowl implies that the players are the Coaches of the teams while Hattrick provides statistics for them.

Using the pattern

Coaches in games tend to be humans but hypothetically they could also be Characters as Hattrick shows. The main design choices related to Coaches tend to be how they can affect Team Development and, if they exist, how to make use of Reserves.


Coaches are Entitled Players and being one is a Social Role in a Team. Being one often requires use of Social Skills, and making decisions regarding how to use Reserves and well as what directions Team Development should take.


Can Instantiate

Entitled Players, Social Skills, Social Roles

Can Modulate

Reserves, Team Development, Teams

Can Be Instantiated By

Characters, players

Can Be Modulated By


Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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