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Card games where players maintain their own card collections which are used to provide game elements to the individual game instances they participate in.

Many games uses cards but Collectible Card Games are a specific category of these games where players bring their own set of cards to play each other. This adds aspects of acquiring new cards and preparing which cards to use to these games.


Well-known examples of Collectible Card Games include Magic: The Gathering and the Pokémon Trading Card Game. See also the category of Collectible Card Games on this wiki for additional examples.

An odd example of a mini game, the card game Caravan in the game Fallout: New Vegas is a collectible card game which depends on players gathering cards in a post-apocalyptic US wasteland.

Using the pattern

Collectible Card Games are basically games using Heterogeneous Game Element Ownership of Cards that are put into Decks. Like other games using Cards, they can make use of Cooldown periods, Discard Piles, and Hands; they typically don't use Trick Taking since this is cumbersome to keep track of while still at the same time keeping track of card ownership. Drafting and Pre-Customized Decks are two ways of letting players gain their initial Decks.

Collectible Card Games make use of Expansions much more often than other card-based games, this since the collecting aspect of the game is lost if people have had time to get all existing Cards.


Collectible Card Games require players to engage in Extra-Game Actions since they need to acquire Cards before gameplay and decide which Cards they want to use. Further, preparing to play Collectible Card Games requires players to engage in Deck Building. That good Cards may be more expensive than other Cards and that having a large collection to choose from can be advantageous means that Collectible Card Games typically provide Purchasable Game Advantages. Since Collectible Card Games often have Cards containing their own rules, combinations of these are likely to create Combos. The introduction of new Cards into Collectible Card Games can make players be surprised of new effects in the game, and this can practically become that same as Fudged Results for players experiencing this.

Collectible Card Games can make Cards into the Focus Loci for players.


Can Instantiate

Combos, Deck Building, Extra-Game Actions, Fudged Results, Purchasable Game Advantages

Can Modulate


Can Be Instantiated By

Cards together with Heterogeneous Game Element Ownership

Can Be Modulated By

Cooldown, Decks, Discard Piles, Drafting, Expansions, Hands, Pre-Customized Decks

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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