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Quests that can only be taken in the endgame phase of a game, and are designed to provide challenges and rewards relevant to this phase.

Some games have Endgame phases and some of these can continue as long as players find interesting activities to do in the games. Endgame Quests are quests specifically designed to support players in having such activities in these phases.


World of Warcraft allows players that have reached the highest character level to continue progressing with that character through completing Endgame Quests that can give equipment or reputation. Skyrim in the Elder Scrolls series and Final Fantasy VIII in the Final Fantasy series are single-player games with Endgame Quests.

Using the pattern

Designing Endgame Quests are like designing other Quests except that they should make sense to have in the Endgame phase. This may mean that they should not connect to main story lines in a game since these may already be finished. Further, they may have to take into account that players may already have reached caps for certain types of development since the Endgame might be defined by this, as for example reaching the maximum Character Level signifies in World of Warcraft. The two most common ways of addressing the development issue is to allow players Rewards in the form of Game-Based Social Statuses or more powerful Armor, Tools, or Weapons that can't be acquired before one has reached the Endgame phase.

Endgame Quests are nearly always designed to provide Challenging Gameplay since Endgame Quests take place when players have had sufficient time to learn a game as well as have been able to develop Characters or Abstract Player Constructs.

Narration Aspects

In games with Endgame phases, they typically occur after the main narration has been told. For this reason, Endgame Quests are typically not Narration Patterns having effect on the whole story line or the Game World as a whole. They may of course have localized narration.


Endgame Quests are Quests that provide Optional Goals for players that have reached Endgame phases. They are examples of gameplay content made available through Unlocking, in this case due to reaching an Endgame phase.


Can Instantiate

Game-Based Social Statuses, Optional Goals, Quests, Unlocking

Can Modulate

Armor, Endgame, Tools, Weapons

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Challenging Gameplay

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