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Eufloria is a real-time strategy game with the player in the role of a species of plant in an asteroid belt. The player must spread to other asteroids while contending with computer controlled opponents playing as other species. [1][2][3]

Main Gameplay Design Patterns

Casual game, real-time strategy


The primary purpose of the gameplay in Eufloria is to induce a sense of calm in the player. The ambiance, slow pace of play, and small number actions available to the player all support this purpose.

Aesthetically it evokes a feeling similar to many contemporary games of minimalist design such as fl0w or Defcon. In this way it could be classified as an art games.

Other Noteworthy Aspects

Eufloria was previously named Dyson in reference to the hypothetical Dyson Tree [4] that the game's aesthetic is based on, however it was changed to avoid confusion with Dyson vacuum cleaners.


Alex May, Rudolf Kremers and Brian Grainger


Valve through Steam [5][6]


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