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Physical props that are shipped with the games to strengthen the game experience.

Games are typically designed to provide a certain type of experience regarding the game world or gameplay. One way this can be supported outside the game is through various props, Feelies, shipped with the games.

Wikipedia has a page describing feelies and GiantBomb has a list of games with Feelies.


Feelies were most common in Infocom games such as Planetfall and the Zork series. However, they are also packaged with some collector's editions of games, e.g. Dead Rising 2 and the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition.

Using the pattern

Feelies are a type of Props so the main design challenges associated with them are similar to those of Props in general except for the physical design of them. Since Feelies are extra elements provided specifically to provide additional experiences the diegetic and narration aspects of them, for example supporting Diegetic and Thematic Consistency, become even more important to them than to other game elements. One particular choice they offer is to give players Clues or to provide Red Herrings for them.

Maps can be used specifically to provide Feelies. Another option is to create Player Aids that have Thematic Consistency as well as Diegetic Consistency for its medium (not all Feelies are Player Aids since not all of them provide narrative or gameplay information).


Feelies are basically a type of Props that exist outside the main medium of a game in order to give Emotional Engrossment. By doing so they show the simplest way of creating Transmedia Games and their special status of being physical make them Diegetically Outstanding Features. They are typically design to support both Diegetic and Thematic Consistency.

While many times Feelies simply provide extra experiential value to a game, they sometimes also can help gameplay. One example of this is the map of the Underground Empire shipped together with Zork I which gives some hints to players.

Feelies can arguably be said to provide Extra-Game Broadcasting when they depict events that have taken place in the game world, e.g. the diary provided with Planetfall.


Can Instantiate

Clues, Diegetic Consistency, Diegetically Outstanding Features, Emotional Engrossment, Extra-Game Broadcasting, Red Herrings, Thematic Consistency, Transmedia Games

Can Modulate


Can Be Instantiated By

Maps, Props

Player Aids together with Diegetic Consistency and Thematic Consistency

Can Be Modulated By


Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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