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High score lists that can be accessed by anybody playing a game instance of the same game.

While high score lists where introduced with Space Invaders and followed by many other Arcade Games, these lists which specific for each arcade machine. With the spread of the internet and personal computers however, games could be made the uploaded results to a central server and thereby creating Global High Score Lists where players could compared themselves with all other people who had played the game.


Bejeweled Blitz, Combine, and Drop 7 all allow players to let their high scores be visible by all other players of the game through uploading the results through the internet.

Using the pattern

The basic requirement for making Global High Score Lists is the technical task of converting High Score Lists so they can be exchanged between the systems running the games. This typically was of handling this is by creating a Meta Server. Given that Global High Score Lists may contain very many entries, Friend Lists may be feasible to support so players can get filtered lists including only people they know.

Interface Aspects

As for High Score Lists, the global versions of them are typically shown in Cutscenes or Secondary Interface Screens.


Global High Score Lists is a version of High Score Lists and can like thereby create Extra-Game Consequences, Public Player Statistics, Meta Games, and Multiplayer Games out of Single-Player Games. Unlike High Score Lists they can also create Massively Single-Player Online Games since the gameplay of one player can be noticed by all other players. While High Score Lists can work to provide with Social Rewards of being on the lists, this is more prominent with Global High Score Lists for the simple reason that more people can see the lists.


Can Instantiate

Extra-Game Consequences, Massively Single-Player Online Games, Multiplayer Games, Meta Games, Public Player Statistics, Social Rewards

Can Modulate

High Score Lists

Can Be Instantiated By

Meta Servers

Can Be Modulated By

Friend Lists, Secondary Interface Screens

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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