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Collections of questions asked to players as part of gameplay.

Some games challenges players by asking them questions that they need to answer correctly. When several questions are used and the questions are about checking if players know facts, this makes the games be Quizzes or have Quizzes as part of them.


Two well-known examples of Quizzes are Trivial Pursuit and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Using the pattern

Constructing Quizzes mainly concerns deciding on how many questions are needed and coming up with those questions. The number of questions often depends on what Quizzes are used for in the game - are they the main gameplay or Minigames? - while the nature of the questions depends very much who is intended to play the game. One main choice for Quizzes is if players should have explicit options to choose from, i.e. if they should have multiple choice questions, which requires the construction of several wrong - but plausible - answers to each question.


Quizzes are quite likely to create Imperfect Information unless all players know all answers since earlier. Having this opens up for Puzzle Solving and Lucky Guess Solutions. When they are of the multiple choice variety, Quizzes allow Trial and Error Solutions if players have multiple attempt to provide the right answer.

That knowing the right answer to a question is an advantages in Quizzes is quite obvious, and through this Quizzes support Real World Knowledge Advantages. Quizzes can arguably be said to have low Replayability since once one has gotten the right answer to a question the gameplay regarding that question become mute. However, one can also argue that this is one was to get Real World Knowledge Advantages by players Memorizing the answers in a form of Trans-Game Information.


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