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Abstract or diegetic places where resources can be found or acquired.

Resources are a typical component of games. Resource Sources are places in game worlds or abstract repositories for resources that allow players to gather, manipulate, or otherwise access them through actions.


The place where fruits appear in Pac-Man is a Resource Source to the degree that these fruits are resources. In many Roleplaying Games, both tabletop and computerized, killed enemies are Resource Sources for experience points and various types of loot. The squares or hexes in the Civilization series can contain resources that are either strategic (e.g. iron, coal, horses) or luxury (e.g. gold, spices, silk) in nature. Similarly, the Starcraft series and Warcraft series have locations where resources can be harvested from the game world.

Using the pattern

Resource Sources provide players with ways of gaining Resources. Examples of Resource Sources include Pick-Ups, Resource Locations, and other players when Trading with them is possible. Loot provided from Enemies, Inhabitants, or Non-Player Characters are also typical Resource Sources.


The presence of Resource Sources in games encourage Stimulated Planning for players to the degree that they have need for those Resources. They can also lead to Resource Management if the sources can be manipulated, protected from other agents, or be created by the players themselves.


Can Instantiate

Resource Management, Stimulated Planning

Can Modulate


Can Be Instantiated By

Pick-Ups, Resource Locations, Trading

Loot together with Enemies, Inhabitants, or Non-Player Characters

Can Be Modulated By


Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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