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A suit of card that beat other suits in trick taking.

Card games that use trick taking usually lets the player who played the highest card of the active suit take the trick. However, some games let this is superseded by another suit, the Trump, where any card in this suit beats all other cards. Other cards in the Trump suit may however beat the ones played previously.


Trumps are used in Card Games using tricks. Examples include Contract Bridge, Oh, hell, Spades, and Whist.

Using the pattern

Trumps is a way of modulating Trick Taking. The main design choice is whether one suit of Cards (or Tiles) should always be the Trump (as in Spades) or this should change between game instances or game Rounds. When the Trump is not fixed, Randomness can be used (as in Oh, hell or Whist) or be part of Bidding (here Contract Bridge is probably the most well-known example).


Trick Taking games that have Trumps are somewhat more likely to create Surprises than those without Trumps, and have somewhat more Complex Gameplay and somewhat less Predictable Consequences. Being able to trump is a Privileged Ability.


Can Instantiate

Complex Gameplay, Privileged Abilities, Surprises

Can Modulate

Trick Taking

Can Be Instantiated By


Can Be Modulated By

Bidding, Randomness

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With

Predictable Consequences


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