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Exercises before gameplay begins that help players prepare for enactment and roleplaying.

Games where players are to enact or roleplay characters can be challenging because of players may feel uncomfortable about their ability to perform as required, or because the game uses rules regarding this that they may be unfamiliar with. Warming-Up Roleplay Exercises are techniques that players can be given before the gameplay proper begins to prepare them in relation to these challenges.


Live Action Roleplaying Games in the Nordic LARP tradition have developed Warming-Up Roleplay Exercises such as Kluddermor and Flamingos and Penguins (see Workshop Håndbogen[1] for descriptions of these) that can help players become more energized or overcome social inhibitions before LARP begins.

While not only being focused on helping players warm-up, Slow take-off[2] techniques provide various way to slowly shift from introducing the premise for a LARP or doing the last content additions to them to actually playing them.

Using the pattern

The design of Warming-Up Roleplay Exercises rely primarily on how they should prepare players for Enactment, Roleplaying, or Live Action Roleplaying. This means that the particularities of designing any exercise depends much on other aspects of the game, but the Danish book Workshop Håndbogen[1] provides many specific examples of Warming-Up Roleplay Exercises that can be used as inspiration. A particular use of Warming-Up Roleplay Exercises is to help players train in using Substitute Actions.


Warming-Up Roleplay Exercises are a category of Workshopping techniques that can help players have Smooth Learning Curves regarding Enactment and Roleplaying. Performing these types of exercises can help players achieve Role Fulfillment goals both in increasing their chance of performing satisfactory and in helping them create or modify the roles so they fit the players better.


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Smooth Learning Curves, Workshopping

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Enactment, Live Action Roleplaying, Role Fulfillment, Roleplaying, Substitute Actions

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