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=== Can Be Instantiated By ===
=== Can Be Instantiated By ===
[[Entrenching Gameplay]],  
[[Entrenching Gameplay]],  

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The one-sentence "definition" that should be in italics.

This pattern is a still a stub.


Chess and Go are well-known classical Board Games with distinct Endgame phases.

In the Starcraft series the Endgame is typically called "Late-Game"[1].



Using the pattern

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narration Aspects


Startgame Middlegame


Construction/Scoring Phase Shift Winner determined after Gameplay Ends Predictable Winner, Unwinnable Games, Winning by Ending Gameplay

Can Instantiate

Analysis Paralysis, Higher-Level Closures as Gameplay Progresses, Stimulated Planning, Surrendering

Can Modulate


Can Be Instantiated By

Entrenching Gameplay, Exploitation, Extermination

Can Be Modulated By

Construction/Scoring Phase Shift, Early Leaving Players, Kingmaker, Player Elimination

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With

Player Unpredictability


New pattern created in this wiki.


  1. Entry for "Late-game" at the Wiki for Starcraft II at teamliquid.