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first in CoC, see Designers and Dragons p. 86

The map and booklet that went along with later editions of Zork I are examples of Player Aids.



Using the pattern


Can Be Instantiated By

Maps, Props

Player Aids are Props designed to given to players as part of conveying Predetermined Story Structures. For games with Game Masters, this may be when specific events take place but in other games (like Zork I and other Inforcom games) it may simply be available from before gameplay begins.

Interface Aspects

Player Aids is a Interface Pattern.

Narration Aspects

Player Aids is a Narration Pattern.


While Player Aids typically are Props and through this do not explicitly provide gameplay, they can be Clues containing information relevant to Puzzle Solving and inspire Roleplaying. Regardless of this, they can help players have Emotional Engrossment due to their visual or tactile design.


Can Instantiate

Clues, Emotional Engrossment

Can Modulate

Roleplaying, Predetermined Story Structures, Puzzle Solving

Can Be Instantiated By

Maps, Props

Can Be Modulated By


Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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