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Gameplay consisting of putting tokens into a bag and later removing them from said bag.

Many games use randomness to create uncertainty in games. One way of doing this is through putting different types of tokens into a bag and later drawing them. Games with Bag Building make it into a gameplay aspect of choosing which tokens to place in a bag and when to draw tokens from that bag.

Note: BoardGameGeek calls this 'Pool Building'.


Hyperborea and Yggdrasil are examples of Bag Building games, the former one where every player has their own bag and the latter one where four bags are jointly manipulated by all players. Others are Orleans and Altiplano.

Using the pattern

Bag Building can be seen as an alternative to Deck Building. The main design options regarding Bag Building is what type of Tokens can be placed in a bag, when players get put Tokens in a bag, and when players draw Tokens from the bag. Another important design choice is whether bags are individually owned by players or if they are Shared Resources.

Games with Bag Building can allow players the possibility of manipulating the Tokens within bags through Bag Management.

Interface Aspects

Bag Building is an Interface Pattern.


Bag Building is a way to make use of Tokens as Investments. It creates Randomness since the idea of using bags is to make it uncertain which Tokens are drawn when some Tokens should be drawn.


Can Instantiate

Investments, Randomness

Can Modulate


Can Be Instantiated By


Can Be Modulated By

Bag Management, Shared Resources

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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