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Actions that allow tokens to be removed or replaced from bags without playing them.

Some games make use of bags with various tokens in them to create randomness, this by letting players draw tokens blindly. However, some of these use Bag Management to let players manipulate these bags through removing or replacing tokens to get better distributions.


Yggdrasil provides actions to improve the distribution of tokens in a bag by randomly drawing tokens and only replacing the wanted ones.


While Hyperborea has bag building as a core mechanic, it does not provide actions to view the contents of bags and replace or remove tokens in it. Therefore, it doesn't support Bag Management.

Using the pattern

Bag Management is a way to modify how Bag Building works. Designing it consists of which actions to manipulate the bag besides the basic ones of putting Tokens into bags and removing them later. The basic move to support Bag Management is removing Tokens without "playing" them. Options include replacing Tokens with other ones instead of removing, removing (or replacing) several, and blindly taking several but only removing (or replacing) certain (Yggdrasil makes use of the last of these).


Bag Management adds Freedom of Choice to Bag Building and can let players create Player-Decided Distributions. This can provide a time-limited form of Abstract Player Construct Development for games with Abstract Player Constructs.


Can Instantiate

Freedom of Choice, Player-Decided Distributions

with Abstract Player Constructs

Abstract Player Construct Development

Can Modulate

Bag Building

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Can Be Modulated By


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