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Replays of kills in games that are shown directly after they occur.

Deaths in games are usually important events. However, some games - especially first-person shooters - it can be difficult to perceive the circumstances in which they occurred. Killcams are solutions to this that simply replay the moments leading up to the deaths and may be used both to highlight players' own actions and to let them know how they were killed.


Killcams in the Call of Duty and Battlefield series show players how they were killed - often revealing the position of the enemies that was the cause of their deaths. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas provide Killcams both when players have managed to kill enemies spectacularly and when they themselves have died.

The web site has a list of games using Killcams as well as a list] of games using Camera Following Projectiles.

Using the pattern

Although Killcams can be used for any types of games, it is most often used in games with First-Person Views and there to modulate Combat. The main design choices when making Killcams part of games is when to use them, how to use the Cameras that provide the Replays of the Combat, and if to use Picture-in-Picture Views to display them or let them take over the entire display. It is an Diegetic Pattern.

Deaths caused by Aim & Shoot actions often show the Killcams through following the flight of the projectile in a Replay.


Killcams are basically Cutscenes that show Replays of the events leading up to Player Killing or other important deaths. Since it can reveal enemies positions in Combat - Sniper Locations especially - it can lessen the chances of Repeated Domination and for games with PvP gameplay help create Player Balance.

By giving Point of Interest Indicators in moving Third-Person Views, they can let players have Spatial Engrossment.


Can Instantiate

Cameras, Cutscenes, Point of Interest Indicators, Replays, Spatial Engrossment, Third-Person Views

with PvP

Player Balance

Can Modulate

Combat, First-Person Views, Player Killing, PvP, Repeated Domination, Sniper Locations

Can Be Instantiated By


Can Be Modulated By

Picture-in-Picture Views

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



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