Renamed Patterns

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A page collecting some of the patterns whose name has been changed since the book Patterns in Game Design (the ones with the most significant changes).

Actions Have Diegetically Social Consequences (<- Actions Have Social Consequences)

Challenging Gameplay (<- Right Level of Difficulty - Since one always wants the right level of difficulty, right? That wasn't that difficult was it?)

Complex Gameplay (<- Right Level of Complexity)

Connection (<- merged with Contact) Thematic Consistency ( Diegetic Consistency <- Consistent Reality Logic)

Determinable Chance to Succeed ( <- Perceived Chance to Succeed - since one always wants the old version right?)

Diegetically Outstanding Features <- Outstanding Features (and can be for specific game elements also, and might be manipulated)

Emotional Engrossment (<- Emotional Immersion)

Exaggerated Perception of Influence <- Perception of Influence - one always wants this - ( <- Illusion of Influence - since one might have the influence...) )

Extra Chances (<- Rerolls)

Functional Roles ( <- Selectable Functional Roles )

Game State Indicators (<- Status Indicators)

Game World Exploration (<- Exploration)

Geometric Progression ( <- Geometric Rewards for Investments)

Goal Hierarchies ( <- Hierarchy of Goals )

Handicap Systems ( <- Handicaps )

Hands (<- Card Hands - since it can contain tiles also... )

Minigames (<- Games within Games)

Mules (<- Mule and absorbed Substitutional Algorithmic Agents)

Narration Structures (<- Narrative Structures ) - break out parts that have to do with Predetermined Story Structures

Orthogonal Differentiation (<- Orthogonal Unit Differentiation)

Pervasive Gameplay ( <- Activity Blending )

Player Created Game Elements ( <- Player Constructed Worlds )

Player-Decided Distributions (<- Player-Decided Distribution of Rewards & Penalties)

Player-Decided Results (<- Player Decided Results)

Player-Planned Development (<- Planned Character Development)

Selectable Set of Goals (<- Selectable Sets of Goals)

Switches (<-Buttons)

Trade-Offs (<- Tradeoffs)

Ubiquitous Gameplay ( <- Decontextability )