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[[Thematic Consistency]]
[[Thematic Consistency]]
[[Spawn Points]]
=== Can Instantiate ===
=== Can Instantiate ===
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[[Player-Defined Goals]]
[[Player-Defined Goals]]
==== with ... ====
==== with [[Resource Generators]] or [[Spawn Points]] ====
[[Encouraged Return Visits]]
=== Can Modulate ===
=== Can Modulate ===

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This pattern is a still a stub.


Insectopia Pirates! Pacman must die BotFighters Treasure



Using the pattern

Diegetic Aspects

Interface Aspects

Narration Aspects



Drop-In/Drop-Out Drawing Stacks Encouraged Return Visits Crafting Thematic Consistency

Can Instantiate

Freedom of Choice, Goal Hierarchies, Grinding, Player-Defined Goals

with Resource Generators or Spawn Points

Encouraged Return Visits

Can Modulate

Character Development, Game Items, Resources

Can Be Instantiated By

Collections, Grind Achievements, Herd, Movement, Power-Ups, Rewards, Scores, Sustenance Rewards, Transfer of Control, Tools

Maneuvering together with Chargers or Pick-Ups

Can Be Modulated By

Camping, Game Element Trading, Geometric Progression

Possible Closure Effects


Potentially Conflicting With



An updated version of the pattern Collecting that was part of the original collection in the book Patterns in Game Design[1].


  1. Björk, S. & Holopainen, J. (2004) Patterns in Game Design. Charles River Media. ISBN1-58450-354-8.